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Sonic Smash Brothers

Sonic Smash Brothers

Sonic Smash Brothers is a flash based game that puts Sonic and friends in a smash up environment for a battle to the end. Upon starting the game you will see a short cartoon introduction of the characters and abilities. The main menu consists of options where you can learn more about the game. There are 3 characters in the game including, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. It takes 3 falls to eliminate a player from the game and continue your battle with remaining players. There are about 8 different levels where you can battle in the arena. You can also see the credits to Sonic Smash Brothers on the main menu.

There is an option for 1 player mode, which gives you adventure, single, challenges, and if you want you can just practice and get better at the moves. The controls are very easy where you jump and control your character you’ve selected with the arrow keys and attack with the space bar. There are many different combos and attacks to eliminate opponents. Be careful, if you fall off and down off the map you are eliminated and someone else will win the competition. I recommend and rate this game highly if you want to play or experience Sonic in a Smash Brothers environment.

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