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Pacman Games: Pac-Man gaming’s original icon!

Pacman Games

I do not think it is possible to see a picture of Pacman and not get a big smile on your face. He really is one of the original icons in the video game industry. The fact that he is over 30 and still very relevant just tells you how much gamers love this little guy.

At its core the original PacMan I feel is an absolute master piece of gaming. I am not just saying this because as a gamer you have to love PacMan games I am saying this because it is true. PacMan really has aged fantastically. The original may have been surpassed by Ms PacMan, but PacMan will always have a special place in my gaming heart.

One of the things I love about the original PacMan games is just how easy it is to pick up and play. PacMan was the very first game I let my son play. I thought that as all you need to do is move PacMan that it would be a great introductory game. At the same time PacMan games also requires a great deal of skill to become a real master at it.

I think it would take someone like Stephen Hawking to figure out just how many times Pac-Man has been released over the years, but something strange happened to Pacman in 2007. This was when Namco gave the original PacMan perhaps its biggest update yet. They released the PacMan Championship Edition. This managed to keep the core game play of the original PacMan yet at the same time update it in a great new way. PacMan had never been so much fun to play.

Until 2012 that is when PacMan Championship Edition DX was released and this is the game that for at least changed the way I look at PacMan. Like before it kept the heart of PacMan well and truly alive, but it added many new cool game play elements like being able to eat a ton of ghosts all at once to rack up a crazy high score. I loved the DX version so much that for a while I could not go back and play the original PacMan. I thought I could never play that game again after playing PacMan Championship Edition DX……. But I was wrong.

After playing the DX edition for what must have been about a month straight I started to lose a little interest. I am not putting down the game at all its only natural that after a while the game will not have the same appeal. The one night I could not sleep and I picked up my DS that was next to the bed. The game inside was the same game that has been in there for over a year. Namco Museum the reason for this is because it has the original PacMan game.

So still after all these years after all the new and improved versions I still go back to play that original PacMan games. And I am sure I cannot be the only gamer who does this. Every once and a while I have no doubt that Namco will give Pacman games a kick in the butt and release him in a new and improved way, but I just cannot see any of these newer versions having that same phenomenal staying power like the original PacMan game has.

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